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Day 17 – Office Supplies | 31 Days of Decluttering

Hello friends!

Today's mission is to declutter your stationery and keep your desk drawers clutter-free in the future! As a professional pen hoarder myself, I know the struggle of keeping the balance between minimal and functional all too well. It has been a challenge for me to resist taking home any pens and notepads you often get at conferences ("But they are free!"), and instead think of them as more clutter taking up space in my home!
Set your timer, gather your stationery supplies, and let's get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that is collecting dust our home office!

The Goal

organized office suppliesfunctional favourites! keeping your basics handy more efficient office workno more hoarding pens / sticky notes / writing paper
Guiding Questions

Are my desk drawers overflowing?
Which office supplies do I use regularly?
Which items to I really enjoy to use?
Do I have several duplicates of anything?
What do I absolutely need for my work?
Do I hold on to any freebies I don'…

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